The best animals friends for humans

Here is a list of the most friendly animals in the world with humans.

Number 1


Undoubtedly the number 1 position corresponds and by far the best friend of man, the dog.

It is a loyal and faithful mammal of the family of the canids, which constitutes a subspecies of the wolf (Canis lupus).  They have a great relationship with humans, for whom they are pets, guard animals, work dogs, hunting dogs, race dogs or guide dogs.

Number 2


The cat  is a subspecies of carnivorous mammal of the family Felidae. There are dozens of breeds, some without hair or even without tails, as a result of genetic mutations and years of artificial selection, and they exist in a wide variety of colors. They are predators by nature.

The cat is in close cohabitation with the human for about 9500 years, thats why  is our number 2 position.

Number 3


Our number 3 is an unusual animal, we can see it in the circus, movies, working with children, and doing a lot of stuff. The horse is a large mammal, The horse is a large mammal, It should be noted that this animal has been domesticated by man a long time ago.

The colors of the horses’ coat vary greatly according to the race of each horse. They can be white, beige, light brown, dark brown or completely black. It can also happen that the coat of the body is of one color and the mane of another; It can also happen that you have spots of another color on the head, on the body or on the extremities.

Number  4


The dolphins are small cetaceans with teeth. Generally the name of dolphin is used for those of long snout or peak. They are marine animals that live in the temperate waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans generally.

There are several types of species like Ganges, white flag, Risso, Grampus, and others.

Dolphins interact with humans since their existence is known. Since then, the man is the most dangerous predator for them, and the only one that has drastically reduced his population. Although we all agree that the dolphins are wonderful, very intelligent and kind

In conclution all kind of animals are amazing some of them are our cute pets and best friends, we need to respect and love them more than they love us.



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