Hawaii – A Lovely Eden On Earth


Hawaii is very famous for beaches and landscapes.

If you want to take advantage of your stay in Hawaii to enjoy the best beaches of the archipelago, you should read this; however, we recommend you visit Laalao (it offers stunning sunsets), Holoholokai (where you can dive and discover a wonderful endemic marine universe) and Kolekole (a beautiful paradise surrounded by greenery).

  • Surfing in North Coast (Oahu): The North Coast attracts the best surfers in the world for offering waves of up to 9 meters. From May to September, when the waves come down, it is the ideal time to start surfing, swimming and snorkeling.


  • Waikiki: Among gigantic coral and colorful fish. Waikiki synthesizes everything that Oahu Island has to offer.

Waikiki combines urban pleasures and relaxation with Hawaiian airs, very lively, with shopping centers and nightlife, . There are high-end hotels, places of the Paseo de Playa to taste typical flavors and a variety of international restaurants.


  • Maunaloa Volcano, the largest in the world (Island of Hawaii): There is the Maunaloa volcano, which does not erupt since 1984, you can travel its craters and is the most gigantic on the planet if measured from the ocean floor. In turn, the Kilauea volcano was declared a World Heritage Site, it has been in continuous eruption since 1983.

To know Hawaii click here.

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