The 3 Best woman places to visit alone

Those countrys are the best places, where the woman can travel alone…ENJOY IT


Australia is a very safe country. It has an almost zero crime rate. Also is one of the best countrys to live with a very  good position(5°) in the happy ranking.

Australian people are very receptive to tourists and immigrants Australians are very respectful towards women.

Melbourne, its capital, has already been chosen several times as one of the best cities to live.

It is the ideal destination to enjoy the beaches, the nature and the nightlife full of movement of the cities of the country.

To learn more about Australia: click here


Chiang Mai – Thailand

If you are looking for a place to relax, think and find yourself, Chiang Mai is the ideal destination. You can get out of the chaos of noisy and very hectic cities, Chiang Mai will be perfect for you.

Because it is surrounded by Buddhist temples, It is safe place, also offers excellent Thai massages, meditation and vegetarian restaurants where you can experience very exotic flavors.

To learn more about Chiang Mai: Click Here



Finland is the perfect destination for travelers who like cold and snow. One of the most calm and friendly countries in the world.

It is the ideal place to know its natural and architectural beauties, with elegant houses with functional design. The cities of the country have many options for day trips and the nightlife is very good too.

Going to Finland, you will have the opportunity to attend the lights of the Aurora Borealis and to have the igloos and ice hotels experience.

You should discover this incredible country!

To learn more about Finland: Click Here


For more best vacations places for women and all family please  continue reading our vacations blog.


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