4 key things before you get married


We give you some things to keep in mind before you get married or even live together.

  • The passion stage lasts 10/12 months

The attraction comes and goes, there will not always be attraction and it is important in every relation, specially in marriage, but do not panic. They are stages that occur in the relationship, if the attraction does not come back, you are in a problem, and you should get for help.

  • Homework

For the marriage to be successful or not, 60% of Americans say that household chores play a crucial role.

  • Children

Do not think that children do not cause stress, because if they do. Many marriages that have difficult times decide to have children to improve the situation, but the only thing they do is make it worse. A marriage needs dedication, an marriage with children more. First you need peace and fullness to be able to give the same to another person then you should have a child.

  • Communication

True and honest communication is the key to the success in a marriage. Communication is basic. It is not always easy to express yourself, and less when you have complaints or things to say that affect the other, learn to put your feelings and emotions orderly for good communication.

And the most important thing for any relationship, laugh a lot with your partner and be happy.


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