The Best 5 places to eat pizza in the world by the master pizza maker Randall


Lombardi’s (New York)

We travel to New York to enjoy the famous pizzas of the Lomardi’s restaurant. A place with more than 100 years of history. Lombardi’s is framed as a place where wooden chairs, Italian paintings and traditional white tablecloths are the protagonists.

This famous restaurant has a huge dark crust pizzas to which you can add any type of meat supplement.

New Yorkers always recommend homemade meatballs as a special supplement to their pizzas.

Pizza Pilgrims (London)


To eat quality pizzas in the rainy London we have to go to number 11 of Dean Street and enter Pizza Pilgrims, a well-known restaurant in the British capital where you can enjoy the best pizzas in the whole city.
In their creations they use typical Italian ingredients that mix with local products, and creating pizzas in true English style.

Da Michele (Naples)

Somber and outdated, it only offers two types of pizza: the classic margherita and the marinara (tomato, garlic and oregano). You have to take a number and get in line.


El cuartito (Buenos Aires)

The best pizza is made in Buenos Aires and not in Italy said the “Porteños”. To test if it’s true, we can go to one of the local temples, “El Cuartito”, decorated with a lots of photos and posters that summarize the history of sports and culture in Argentina.
The result is a spectacular Neapolitan style pizza.

Güerrin Pizzeria (Buenos Aires)

The customer can order the previously baked portions of pizza and eat them standing or sitting at the table and order a freshly made pizza with a greater variety of ingredients, more than 50 types of pizzas.



You should follow for more street food places around the world.

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