How to make the best pizza in the world


In this note the Chef Romeo Desantis gives us a class of a few tricks of how to make the best pizza in the world.

  • Flour and water, essential for the dough

They are the mother and the father of the dough. A point to consider is the hardness of the water used in the dough. “If the water does not have mineral salts, it will be soft and sticky,  and if it has excess, it will be difficult to stretch,” explained the chef.

The stronger the fermentation, translated into reduction of carbohydrates in the final product. For Desantis, the key is “to use a flour of force and to let rest at least 24 hours”.

  • Quality ingredients

First of all natural ingredients of course then the tomato must be fresh, to reduce acidity and provide flavor. If you want to add flavor, a good option is to include basil or oregano. The mozzarella, another of the fundamental pillars, is advisable to be vegetable fats with cow’s milk and not a mixture of cheeses.


  • Oven temperature

Maximum, maximum, maximum, repeat  the chef for the oven. It can be tricky, but it is one of the keys for the dough to be crunchy and cooked at its optimum point. A traditional oven, which reaches a cooking temperature of about 290 degrees, is sufficient.

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