Bahamas – Best Vacation Places for family

Glee Tip blog bring you amazing vacation places around the world, this time we like to share with you THE BAHAMAS, a  beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.


The Bahamas are located 300 kilometers southeast of Miami and you can easily get there by plane and boat.
The archipelago is made up of more than 700 tropical islands located in the Caribbean Sea and have incredible landscapes. The white sand beaches and crystal clear water attract visitors from all over the world. The island used to be a pirate haven and they have a fascinating story to tell you. You should go and discovery the secret of the pirates.

The best attractions in the Bahamas

  • The capital, Nassau, is a fascinating cultural destination. Whether you are looking for a relaxing week at a luxury resort or exploring the local culture of Nassau, the Bahamas offers an excellent destination for family vacations.
  • Located a few kilometers away on Paradise Island you can find Cabbage Beach, where many of the largest resorts in the Bahamas are located, including the iconic Atlantis Resort. Here you can spend the day having fun at the Aquaventure water park or Atlantis Aquarium.
  • Reach Fort Fincastle climbing the steps of Queen’s Staircase and take in the panoramic views from the Water Tower.
  • Cable Beach on New Providence Island offers excellent conditions for swimming for children.
  • The Pirate Museum to learn about life outside the law of the sailors who ruled the Caribbean Sea, and the role that the British had to expel them from the region.

All of this became the Bahamas one of the best vacation places in the world.


Note that:
Some of the hotels in Nassau and Grand Bahama Island receive “Spring Breakers” every year in March. Be careful of that.


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