Women Makeup Tips and Tricks

We bring one of the best women makeup tips and tricks.


  • Eyeliners

For an evening make-up, you just need practice and patience. Test the liquid eyeliners.

First, it delineates the line where the lashes are born with pencil eyeliner. Then, using that line in pencil as a guide, trace the outline with liquid eyeliner in delicate and small strokes.

With liquid eyeliner you will get a much more attractive look, ideal for the night.

Fashion Women Tip 1: The delicacy is essential when it comes to makeup to avoid making mistakes.
Fashion Women Tip 2: Place a mirror face up on the table so you can look at yourself.

  • Make the lipstick last longer

Situation: You´re just going out of the house with super sexy red lips but you get to the party and you do not have anything …
So that this does not happen again and make the lipstick last longer on your lips you should do the following:

Apply a little base on your lips before applying lipstick. The base helps the lip makeup stay concentrated and last longer. Remember also that it is necessary to apply two, or even three, labial layers to obtain the desired color. When finished, apply a little translucent powder to fix it on your lips.

  • Do not forget your eyebrows!

For the makeup look perfect, the eyebrows also have to be perfect: well defined and combed.

Make sure that the area under the eyebrows is completely free – without any hair – after the hair removal with a tweezer.

If you do not have an eyebrow brush, brush them with a clean mascara brush to define them.

For more fashion women tips and trick please  continue reading our blog.


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