Some history about platform shoes

zapato 1

In the fifteenth century it is believed that heels shoes originated, also some historians place them in Ancient Egypt.
In Ancient Greece, theater actors used a kind of heels, known as kothorni. These heels had a wooden cork sole and measured between 8 and 10 centimeters.

In ancient Japan, when men and women tried to avoid getting dirty with the mud, they created shoes called “getas” that were a kind of houndstooth sandals made of wood with two surfaces to lift them off the ground.

During the Middle Ages, the heel came back into fashion, as a way to step on the roads of the wealthy areas. The heels were more like padded sandals that raised the foot to avoid damaging it, calling themselves prints.

zapato 3

At that time, both men and women used shoes with heels. Men used them for the stirrups of horses. At the same time, the chapines began to become popular in Venice. The chapines were a symbol of status among women, with the highest prestige. Some even measured up to 50 centimeters.
The height of the heel aimed to differentiate the social status. The higher the heel, the more power he possessed, he was above the rest.

The fashion was changing, making women’s shoes more rounded and delicate. Meanwhile, the men began to turn to a more square boot with little elevation.

Little by little, the clothing of the man was turning to a more sober and dark clothing. The high-heeled shoes were seen as a sign of femininity.

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