The wonderful world of rabbits


Rabbits have been with us for many hundreds of years, they are animals that were originally only seen in the wild. The rabbits are nice, beautiful and docile and also do not suppose too much care since they do not need much space and do not have to take to the street daily.



They live in large and long burrows where they can reach up to 10 rabbits. During the day they spend a lot of time in the burrows since they have rather nocturnal habits.


They have a high reproductive capacity. They have a gestation period of approximately one month, and can give birth to about 12 or 14 laughs at a time.
That is why there may be overpopulation of rabbits in some places.


They usually live in sandy areas, where the terrain is soft, which allows them to make burrows
They can be in forests or in scrub areas as it also serves to hide. Their burrows can have several tunnels to make it difficult for potential predators to enter them looking for prey to eat. They are also very dark places, but at the same time very hot, since they usually spend most of their time here. Rabbits will not only make these burrows, but will also use branches and fallen leaves to cover and try to hide as much as possible the entrance to your home.



As their habits are nocturnal, they feed since the sun begins to fall, until dawn. They are herbivorous animals, so their diet will be focused only on fruits and vegetables

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