Russia: World Cup and Travel

Russia was a superpower surrounded by secrecy. Now it is the center of a booming power and also its capital has many businesses and attracts travelers
In June, the World Cup begins and in Glee Tips we bring you some attractions to do beyond football.


  • St. Petersburg offers a lot of differents activities, we bring some of them.
    • Visit some of the main churches of St. Petersburg. Some of these churches function as museums, others are of worship.
    • Attend Opera or Ballet in one of the theaters, or Philharmonic
    • Try traditional Russian food at one of the local restaurants. Especially, soups Borsh, Solianka, typical salads, “pelmeni”, “blinis” (crepes), veal “Stroganoff” or other Russian dishes that the local people can advise you.
    • In Summer you can at night, go for a stroll along the boardwalk of the Neva River and watch the bridges rise


  • Moscow – The Russia Capital
    • Walk around the Red Square:The Red Square itself contains much of the history of the country and without doubt is the most emblematic and representative monument of all Moscow and perhaps all of Russia. It is located in the center of the city between the Kremlin and the oldest district of the city, Kitai Górod.
    • The Lenin Mausoleum:It is one of the most impressive historical places to see in Moscow. When Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, almost a million people came to the Red Square to pay tribute to him. Today it is still possible to pay our respects to the father of the Revolution in his mausoleum, which is guarded by soldiers 24 hours a day.
    • The Kremlin:Hidden behind the famous 18-meter red brick walls of the Kremlin are some of the most important historical objects to see. The Kremlin has a military museum, another of diamonds and the Great Bell Tower of ‘Ivan the Great’. Being the center of political power in Russia, the Kremlin has very strict laws so do not stray from the marked itinerary and follow the instructions of the soldiers or they will attract your attention.
    • Bunker 42:Hidden at 65 meters under the streets of Moscow is the Tagansky nuclear bunker (Bunker 42). Built during the 1950s under Stalin’s command, the bunker was intended to provide shelter for Kremlin personalities and their families. Tour guides are dress as KGB agents and explain what would have happened in the Soviet Union had there been a nuclear attack. There is even the possibility of testing the nuclear survival kit and the KGB uniforms
    • Moscow Metro:The Moscow metro is not just any metro. Many of its stations (the oldest one) are true works of art, “the palace of the poor” called at the time: marble, sculptures, glass chandeliers, stairs that seem taken from castles.


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