The Rhinoceros – Increible World

Lovely Glee Rhino

The word rhinoceros comes from the Greek “rhinos”, which means nose, and from kera, which is a horn.
The rhinoceros belongs to a family of mammals of which there are five species: white, black, Java, India and Sumatra.

The rhinoceros is a solitary animal that does not like to relate more than with its mother or its offspring.


The Rhinoceros usually has a longevity of about 60 years.

Its bone is different from other species because it does not contain a bone core but is made of keratin. Some species have two horns, while others have only one.

Unlike the senses of smell and hearing that are very acute, your eyesight is pretty bad.
Its head and body measure between 240 and 315 centimeters, in the case of the white rhinoceros, and 335 to 420 centimeters in the case of Sumatra. The latter weighs about 800 kilos, while white can reach 3 600 kilos

Recently the last white rhinocero “Sudan” died.

Sudan was already a very sick old man. At 45 years of age, an age comparable to 90 in humans, he was weak and had accumulated health problems for some time


We must become aware of the importance of endangered species.
The white rhinoceros is already declared extinct.

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